Sunday, October 23, 2005

Do we need to make this list?

Yes, I think it's time, Missy. Here it goes, to the best of my memory...

1) Om yoga bag from SnB.
2) V-neck sweater from Yarn Girls Guide (Stripes are Stars sweater)
3) Clapotis (clap-o-tee, as I've recently learned, is the correct way to pronounce this lovely scarf's name).
4) Colinette Point-5 purse...despite the shopowner's assurance that one skein would make this bag, alas, I don't have enough for the handle. I started it two years ago, though, so I'm getting creative with the handle. Thinking of lining the bag, too.
5) First felted purse--needs handles. See a theme here?
6)Lots 'o Christmas gifts that I won't mention until December 26. Then I"ll have pictures and everything.
7) baby booties.


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