Sunday, January 22, 2006

Who's to Say When the New Year Starts?

I've never been good at setting my resolutions on New Year's Eve or Day. I've been ruminating about what they will be, and here they are:

1. Better health:
a. Bring lunch to school instead of buying.
b. Jog the 2.5 mile Petroglyph loop 1x/week (until May. Then jog at McClean's with the mutts).
c. Yoga class 2x/week.
d. Lift weights/cardio at gym 3x / week.
e. Jump rope every day.

2. Writing
a. Write 18 hours/week.
b. Write draft of novel.
c. Keep craft journal.
d. Post Short Story Sunday each week.

3. Knitting
a. Learn Norweigian purl.
b. Yarn diet until the end of the semester. I can buy yarn for my Secret Pal.
c. Learn how to dye yarn.
d. Finish all projects I start.

I like Jenny's check in method, so I will follow it. My New Year begins tomorrow.


Blogger Tropical Screamer said...

How are you doing on your resolutions?

2:37 PM  

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